To the Moon, together



The Artemis II astronauts, set to launch on a trip around the Moon next year, stand in front of the Orion spacecraft’s European Service Module-2 (ESM-2) that will provide everything they need to thrive on their voyage to Earth’s natural satellite.

From left, the skilled crew is composed of NASA’s Victor Glover, Canadian Space Agency’s Jeremy Hansen, and NASA’s Christina Koch and Reid Wiseman. Their collective experience underscores the collaborative essence of space exploration, as they prepare for the challenges of deep space travel and return.

The European Service Module-2 will provide crucial life support and necessary resources – water, air, electricity, communications and power – for their lunar voyage, ensuring their well-being and mission success. The made-in-Europe powerhouse encapsulates years of ingenuity and safeguards the crew from the harsh space environment.

Later this year, it will be connected through the Crew Module Adapter (CMA) – the doughnut shaped structure which can be seen on top of ESM-2 in the picture – to the crew capsule at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, to form the complete Orion spacecraft for the journey forward to the Moon.

Following the tradition of previous missions, the Artemis II crew exemplifies international partnership. United by purpose, they stand as a testament to humankind’s pursuit of knowledge and adventure beyond our planet. With the European Service Module as their stalwart companion, the Artemis II astronauts are poised to etch their mark in the history of space exploration.

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