Europe Ready For Artemis



ESA and NASA are working hand in hand before the first Artemis mission to the Moon through a series of joint mission simulations. Teams based at the Erasmus Support Facility (ESF) at ESA’s ESTEC facility in The Netherlands, the German Space Operations Centre at ESA’s Columbus Control Centre in Oberphfaffenhofen and NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston are combining their expertise in a series of exercises to ensure a successful launch.

When it comes to simulations, it’s important that not everything goes perfectly right as it recreates – in real time – different stages of the mission to monitor the spacecraft’s position, propulsion, power, avionics and thermal properties. The European team, consisting of 40 people from ESA and industry, apply their considerable expertise from working on the European Service Module (ESM) to any unexpected problems. The ESM will provide power for the Orion spacecraft and propel it along its orbit to the Moon.

The film includes soundbites from ESA Mission Integration & Performance Engineer: Gullaume Poinnier, ESA Erasmus Support Facility Manager: Kevin Pasay, ESA System Engineer; Oliver Mongrard and ESA ESM Engineer, Francois Trinquard.         

Please find additional footage and interviews on ESM  – and

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